Features Of Magento

One of the most popular ecommerce platforms currently used by enterprises and businesses across the world is Magento. One of the predominant reasons why they choose this platform is for its varied features. There are now in excess of 150,000 Magento stores internationally, including both well-established brands and new businesses. The developers of Magento have customized integrated a variety of modules and customized the application to make using this app even better. Magento contains a number of extensions that are beneficial to your online business and these include the following.


Attracting customers to your business is an important element of success. The best way to appeal to potential customers is to offer them great services. Delivery is a key area in which many businesses are lacking. Using Shipworks can help you to combat some of the issues you may encounter with the delivery process. The functionalities of this plugin include sending emails to customers, creating labels and updating orders.

Daily Deal

If you are trying to grow your business, upselling can be an important aspect of your continued business success. This module can help to improve your revenue by enticing customers to check out your daily deals.

Fontis Secure Pay

Many customers are concerned about making transactions online and sharing their personal details. As a site owner, it is vital that you make sure that all transactions are completed securely. Adding the Fontis Secure Pay Plugin for Magento will help you to ensure that each transaction is completed as securely as possible.

Yotpo Product Reviews

One of the most used extensions of Magento is Yopto Product reviews. Feedback from people who have bought products and used services before can influence the decisions of potential customers. If you have positive reviews, then you will attract more customers and increase your profits.

Price Bargaining

Two of the major reasons why people use Internet shopping are to save time and money. When people use Price Bargaining, it allows them to look for the best deals and to compare prices. It will also make sure they continue to use the services or buy the products because they are pleased to have found a good bargain.

If you are creating a website for your business and are considering using Magento, then by asking the developers to include the aforementioned features you will have improved resources, versatility, freedom and support for the online aspect of your business.

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